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Please use the following links for Current DUHS Monkeypox Guidance:

Infection Prevention and Control of Monkeypox - This document provides overall guidance for managing suspected and confirmed monkeypox cases in the health system.

Frequently Asked Questions - this document outlines the changes in diagnostic test ordering as well as provides answers to commonly asked questions regarding monkeypox testing, precautions for preventing monkeypox transmission, and exposure investigation and post-exposure management.

Monkeypox Clinic Questionnaire - This document is intended to be used by clinicians evaluating patients for monkeypox to facilitate information gathering and documentation that is required for test approval.  There are also sections for clinics to use to facilitate information gathering for exposure investigations when warranted.

Monkeypox Education Frontline Team Members - This document provides a very brief overview of monkeypox for front line team members.

Monkeypox Education Slide Deck - This slide deck provides a brief overview of monkeypox for team members.

Patient Information - This document provides information regarding isolating, cleaning, and disinfection for patients with suspected or confirmed monkeypox upon disposition from clinic or the hospital.

References and Important Contacts: 

  • CDC Monkeypox Website
  • North Carolina Public Health Epidemiologist On-Call 919-733-3419  
  • North Carolina DHHS Monkeypox Website  
  • DUHS Infection Prevention  DUH: 970-9721 / DRH: 470-4636 #7171 / DRaH: 206-3311  / DPC: (919) 896-2428  / PDC: 919-613-5824
  • EOHW Exposure hotline 919-385-0429 M-F 8:00 AM-5 PM Saturday and Sunday 8AM-12PM 

Questions? Page your entity-specific Infection Prevention Specialist: DUH: 970-9721 / DRH: 470-4636 #7171 / DRaH: 206-3311 / DPC: (919) 896-2428 / PDC: 919-613-5824